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Make Your Own Mike Salt CD

This page will help you to make up and order your own personalised Mike Salt CD.

By clicking on any of the song titles, you will hear a 15 second sample. Each song has a recording quality star rating. For example, a one star recording was recorded 'bootleg' quality on a stand alone tape recorder. A three star recording was recorded on something like an 8-track reel to reel. A five star recording was recorded in a plush studio with the services of a professional engineer/producer.

Order No. 1   'See The World Bleed'  Figurehead 1979 - PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED!! -*-
Order No. 2   'Rock Drug'  Stealbirds 1981 - PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED!! -*****-
Order No. 3   'Mr Fame'  Joker 1984 -****-
Order No. 4   'Lost Without Your Love'  Joker 1984 -****-
Order No. 5   'Moving'  Joker 1984 -***-
Order No. 6   'Precious Metal'  Joker 1984 -***-
Order No. 7   'Face The Light'  Joker 1984 - PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED!! -****-
Order No. 8   'Remembrance'  Mike Salt 1985 -****-
Order No. 9   'Rich Man's Curse'  1986 - PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED!! -**-
Order No. 10 'Need'  Crisis 1991 -***-
Order No. 11 'Forty Days'  Crisis 1991 -***-
Order No. 12 'We're Praying'  Crisis 1991 -***-
Order No. 13 'The Narrow Gate'  Crisis 1991 -***-
Order No. 14 'Take Me To Your Heart  Crisis 1991 -***-
Order No. 15 'Cross of Wood'  Crisis 1991 -***-
Order No. 16 'A Better Place'  Crisis 1991 -***-
Order No. 17 'It's A Sin'  Crisis 1991 -***-
Order No. 18 'True Love'  Label of Love 1993 -***-
Order No. 40 'Mini Adventure'  Dan Salt 2003 -****-

To order a 'Make Your Own' CD, use a piece of plain paper. Write down the Order No. and name of each track you want in the order that you want them under the heading 'Make Your Own Mike Salt CD'.

The minimum number of tracks you can order is four which costs 5.00. Add a further 1 for each extra track you order. You can order as many tracks as you like. We will simply record onto another CD once the first CD is full.

Go back to the shop page and follow the rest of the ordering instructions in order to get your CD.

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