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Mike Salt - Music

Stuff for Franco, Thom & Phil:

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Here are some short mp3 music samples from Mike's back catalogue.
Simply click on a song title to hear a tune. CDs or tapes are available from the shop page.

See The World Bleed  Figurehead 1979
The only official Figurehead recording in existance - unless someone out there knows better. Mike was 17. John Whalley on bass. Neil Galway on Drums. It's really a bootleg anyway since it was recorded on a tape deck in roadie Colin's inside jacket pocket. Colin's big brother Steve was the absolute best chief roadie any band could ever have. Colin was pretty good too. So was Animal (John) - watch out for them step ladders! Cheers guys wherever you all are now!

Rock Drug  Stealbirds 1982
Recorded on 16-track at Fairview in Hull just before the studio upgraded to 24-track. Engineered by Roy Neve. Featured on BBC Radio Humberside Paul Hunsley Electric Wireless Show. Garry Thirkle on Lead Guitar, Malcolm Bromley on bass and Dave Devereaux on drums.

1.Mr Fame - 2.Lost Without Your Love  Joker 1984
Recorded at BBC Maida Vale. 'Lost Without Your Love' was co-written with bassist Stewart Graham. Paul Stovel on guitar and Russ Harding on drums.

Remembrance   Mike Salt 1985
Recorded at Silent Music Rotherhithe. Produced by Tim Durham. The song is an original poem by Ted Harben. Mike edited it ever so slightly in order to set it to music. Duet vocal provided by Kate Hacker. Tom Inlgis on bass, Dave Toner on drums and Paul Heyman on keyboard. When we find the original sleeve, we'll also be able to tell you the name of the seventeen year old young man playing the amazing flute solo.

Rich Man's Curse   Mike Salt 1986
This song was actually written for and covered by Stealbirds. It never got recorded - probably because it was over seven minutes long in it's original form. This version was recorded in a flat on Tufnell Park Road in the year before Danny was born. This is Mike doing his best to play all the instruments all at once, but losing the drums somewhere in the mix!

We're Praying   Crisis 1991
The little band from Scunthorpe with a huge spiritual impact! Mike still hears from people whose lives were changed because of it. This song was originally written for a friend one Christmas Eve. He felt the helplessness as she could only wait in silent prayer as her husband lay dieing from a fatal illness. Not intending to use the song for anything else, Mike gave it to her on a tape. She later thanked him saying that it was knowing that her friends were praying that carried her through.

The Father's House   Label of Love 1993
Label of Love   Label of Love 1993
Adam & Eve   Label of Love 2001
Mike & Carolyn invested ten years of their lives into the Label of Love project. They have now fully handed over the reigns and it is still growing from strength to strength under project manager John Flavell. The charity retains the copyright to a lot of Mike's material including the song 'Label of Love'.  'Adam & Eve' has stood the test of time - written in early 1993 and appearing on the Label of Love album in 1995. This live recording comes from 2001 and features Antoine Robinson on keys, Steve Hayes on bass and Wayne Booth on drums.

A New Age   Mike Salt 1999
Sometimes Mike writes from a feeling or 'leaning' and only sees the significance in retrospect. Sometimes art preceeds life... then 911 happened.

1.Childhood Dreams - 2.True Love - 3.For Sarah  Blue Jay Way 2002
Childhood Dreams was a brand new lyric to the Label of Love 'The Father's House' tune. True Love and For Sarah also had work done on the lyrics and arramgements. We gave it our best shot!

Everything  Mike Salt (on his todd!) 2009
In 2007 Mike's house in Hull was flooded. It took ages for the insurance company to sort it all out. During the latter part of 2008, Mike and (his lovely Mrs) were temporarily rehoused whilst the builders we called in to put things right. Everything is a song that resulted from a period in life where things you may have taken for granted are suddenly called into question.

Shut Up n Boogie  Mike Salt (still on his todd!) 2010
Everyone has a right to their own opinion about life, the universe and everything - but can we all be right and if the pass mark is 100, what happens if I get 99.5?

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